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About Seeding

Life is tough for lawns. They’re constantly being stepped on, run over and chopped down. It’s no wonder they sometimes appear a little worn out. Not to worry, applying grass seed over your existing lawn can help fill in bare spots and rejuvenate its overall thickness and appearance. Seeding your lawn is most effective when performed in the spring or fall.

Before spreading new grass seed you should mow the lawn at the lowest setting and bag the clippings.

Next give your lawn a thorough raking to remove debris, dead grass and loosen up the soil. This will allow the seed to come into contact with the soil. If your lawn has built up a thick thatch or the soil feels overly compact you should also consider aerating.

Once your prep work is finished use a spreader to evenly disperse the new grass seed.

Finally, water the lawn once or twice per day (based on weather conditions). After a week or two you’ll start seeing the improvements.

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