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About Dethatching

Dethatching, also known as power raking, is the process of removing dead grass clippings that have built up between a yard's topsoil and the grass canopy. The job typically involves a gas or electing power tool with spinning tines. As the tines spin through the lawn, they lift up the layer of thatch that has built over time. The lifted thatch is then bagged and removed from the lawn.

Dethatching can have several benefits to the health and appearance of a lawn. By removing excessive thatch, water and fertilizer have an easier time penetration the soil and reaching the grass roots. Because dethatching also thins out a lawn, more airflow is able to circulate through the turf, promoting growth and preventing disease and fungus.

Additionally, If you plan on overseeding you should consider dethatching beforehand. Spreading grass seed after a lawn has been dethatched helps increase germination rates because of improved soil to seed contact and air circulation.

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