We know that managing lawn maintenance at multiple properties can be a real challenge. Thankfully, the LawnGuru app has made things a lot simpler for Realtors and Property Managers!

A home for all your lawns

Managing service at multiple locations is painless with LawnGuru. You can even link separate credit cards to different properties. Mowing Grandma’s lawn just got a lot easier.

Service you Control

LawnGuru is like having a remote control for your lawn. Request, skip, or pause service with the push of a button.

Simple Payments

All payments are handled securely from inside the LawnGuru app, no need to manage invoices, write checks or worry about having cash on hand.

Seamless Communication

Chatting with LawnGuru support or sending a message to your provider is quick and easy from inside the LawnGuru app.

Two mowing options, both tailored around your needs.

Recurring Service

Perfect for those in need of a seasonal solution. Choose between weekly or bi-weekly service. Users can skip cuts and pause service with the push of a button.

Weekly customers save 15% per cut!

One-Time Requests

Great for anyone looking to take a break from yard work. With just a few clicks you can have a local pro on their way. Most requests are serviced in under 48hrs.