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Reviews from REAL people in Dallas

Kim - August 6th 2021

Tarius always does a great job. This time it was not as stellar as in the past. The side area on the west side of the house did not look like it was done (?). Next time I would like it to be cut a bit lower to ensure it looks like it has been cut.

Camille - August 4th 2021

The team did a FANTASTIC job! I will definitely work with them again.

James - July 31st 2021

I like your work in general but sometimes the quality of work isn’t as good as I’ve noticed in the past. So just more consistent quality would be appreciated thank you

Miriam - July 27th 2021

My service was booked for Monday and after spending all day waiting on him I messaged him in the app. He came the next day but if he wasn’t coming on my scheduled day it would have been nice to know.

Celeste - July 16th 2021

the no call no show on the day I expected you was inconvenient however I appreciate your timeliness the next day. the yard looks good but I would like the edging in the back yard to be cleaner around the stones and rocks. overall good. thanks.

Spencer - June 29th 2021

Good cut overall, weed whacking around trampoline was short but otherwise was happy with the service.

Cathy - June 24th 2021

Excellent work - very pleased!

Melissa - June 16th 2021

Perfectly done!

Jefferson - June 11th 2021

Did a great job!