LawnGuru is the easiest way to have your lawn mowed.

Mark your lawn.

Request a cut.


LawnGuru was founded around a single concept;

The outdoor service industry is flawed, it operates in an archaic fashion and today's customers expect more.

We set out to change this by focusing on our three pillars of service.


You should know what you're paying for. With LawnGuru you do. Our app enables you to easily view and measure your service areas. Once your home is properly marked, we instantly provide you with the service cost.

Customers should easily be able to reach their service providers. Now they can. The LawnGuru platform connects customers with local service providers. Providers are required to actively carry their mobile devices while accepting jobs from the LawnGuru app. Rest assured, your provider is just a call or text away.

It's important to know when your service provider will be arriving. Now you can easily track their progress starting the second they accept your job. The LawnGuru app keeps users updated every step of the way; with both text alerts and in app notifications.


Managing service at multiple locations should be easy. With LawnGuru, it couldn't be easier. You can add as many properties as you like and request service when you need it, all from the palm of your hand. Now, mowing grandma's lawn is just a few taps away.

Lawns don't grow at a constant rate, so why should your maintenance package be scheduled like they do?  With LawnGuru, the're not. Now you get to decided when your lawn is serviced. It's better for your lawn, the environment and your wallet.

Scope of work is essential to any service. The LawnGuru app allows you to trace your lawn from a birds-eye image. This information is passed directly to our service providers, ensuring they know where to go and what to cut, each and every time.


Everyone deserves a break from lawn maintenance, now you can have it. Whether you're just looking for a few cuts while you're away on vacation or need an annual package, we've got you covered.

Finding a service provider shouldn't require hours of phone tag. With LawnGuru it doesn't! You can now view and hire local providers within seconds, from anywhere at anytime.

Forget about sloppy invoices, mailing checks or fumbling over cash. With LawnGuru, payments are handled securely from within the app using the credit card you have stored on file - no need to tip. And all receipts are delivered right to your in-box.